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Creating your Transformational Life.

It’s Transformational Tuesday and I want to talk about creating your own transformation.

Contrary to popular believe you don’t just change, you have to orchestrate your change.

Too many of us are committed to waiting to we get a certain age or experience a certain thing in order to change or do something in our lives.

Most of the times when we wait we end up being in crisis or operating from a place of desperation.

When we operate from that space we don’t give ourselves permission nor exhibit the skillset to be creative in our transformation, we are at the position of grabbing at straws and just hoping and praying that our situation will get better.

Here are a few ways in which you can create your transformation rather than transform from nervous breakdowns, broken hearts, stagnant relationships, stuck jobs.

  1. Own that you need to transform… and that the change you seek is necessary for your existence not just your survival.

  2. Start choosing to dialogue and converse with other people who are transforming their lives as well.. especially in the area that you are seeking to transform. (If you want to transform your mental health seek those who have improved their mental health)

  3. Use time to be a necessary incentive for your transformation. You have to know how long you are willing to stay in the transformational process.

  4. Create a plan with a support system…let’s face it your transformation is not an alone experience… it requires different elements.

  5. Be creative in your transformation. We do not grow by doing the same thing, we grow by diversifying what we do.

So let's delve a little deeper into this creative transformation process.

What many don't know, especially in the realm of mental health and mental well-being is that we when we lose our creativity, we actually are at the beginning of our cognitive decline.

Fun, diversity, laughter, creation are all at the center of feeling and doing good in our mental health.

So taking ownership in our mental health transformative needs simple mean that we are willing to look in interesting places and do interesting creative things to get better and to participate in our own transformation.

Our need to converse and dialogue with others in inherent in our DNA. From womb we use motions, sounds and sensations to communicate and upon entering the world we diversify the way we relate to each other.

In our lives we need these conversations, we need to be mindful of what each person is doing to play life full out. NO one is doing this LIFE thing alone.

WE also need to be mindful of the time we forget to watch when we are transforming.

YES your many transformations have a cycle, and when we don't pay attention to the cycle, we take for granted that our transformation can happen at any point of our life.

We simply can't transform without effort. If you are desirous of completing something in your life, that requires energy, mindset, resources, thought processes and emotional regulations. These concepts are time and process driven.

We must create this process, and having a plan is essential. We cannot simple hope to be better, we must plan to be better.

Your plan must include people who show you what better looks like, not tell you what it looks like. Too many of us are trying to transform with people who have not done the work.

While I am a mental health professional and truly advocate for seeking health, I also encourage you to seek a health care provider that has done the work and gets results. The assumptions of helping people get better are large, and those who try to work in this category need to be better equipped in their life practice in order to assist others in getting better at life.

As we try to get better, we must Diversify, Diversify, Diversify...

We can learn so much about transformation if we spend time in spaces that are uncomfortable and new.

We can learn so much about transformation if we take the blinders off and be curious to how this world is changing and growing for the better.

It's imperative that we participate in our own Creative Transformational process.

Always Dr Jay

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