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Life is more than just going into SAFE SPACES

It’s transformational Tuesday and today let’s talk about these two words “Safe Space” and more. Personally I really dislike the way those words are used in today’s society’s context.

FYI A safe spaces is not some magical portal where people can share and people get better in their mental health and well-being.

👀A safe space is a rite of passage for being human and so many of us believe this is the holy grail of healing, coaching and therapy, and that people stay stuck in this place rather than it being a space to be the place we all start in our human performance.

A safe space is the bare minimum of our relationships. Safe is the base equilibrium, so as you mature and you keep walking into those safe spaces whether it’s being helped or being loved, you will NEVER evolve as the human you are desiring to become.

Today I want to invite you to learn and get into other spaces once you have spent some time with people who are consistent in safe space (ps someone consistently withdrawing in their relationships and business is NOT a safe space).

Here are few of my spaces that helped me to transform my life and can help transform yours as well.

🎯Sacred Spaces

🎯Elevated Spaces

🎯Re-engineering Spaces

🎯Soul Alignment Spaces

Please note you can only access these spaces after you have consistent showed up for you and altered your state of human performance from survival to living.

🎯Sacred Spaces

Your sacred spaces are rooted at the feet of a safe space. A safe space is a place where people feel physiologically and psychology sound and stable in their mind, body and spirit. The safe space is the beginning of growth, but it is also the precursor to stagnant growth experiences in life. When we are in staying in a safe space, we are afraid to evolve into the spaces that challenges our growth and our healing.

Our growth and healing is rooted in the Sacred Spaces - Arch Daily defines Sacred Spaces as Whether human-made or springing from the natural world, Sacred Space connects us to a reality that transcends our fears. For me a sacred space is a place that encapsulates our ability to grow and heal with purpose, promise and progress. The sacred spaces in your life will challenge your growth and healing in ways that you never experienced before.

In that space people tend to be present for your better. The individuals are rooted in spiritual and connective healing to their spiritual guidance of the elements of the earth and the higher power they are aligned with. The support comes from within and through them. The language in a sacred space is very awareness based, with guided principles that allow you to grow through any difficult moment that will come your way.

🎯Elevated Spaces

Elevated spaces are absolutely my favorite space to be in. This space is deeply rooted in production and elevation. Our growth in these spaces are deeply rooted in completing the life balance work consistently and being recognized as a knowledgeable person on the subject matter. Elevated space are spaces where most people's name are mentioned without their feet every being in the room. We crave these spaces when we have done the work, we feel celebrated the most in these spaces and each time we are present in these spaces we elevate even more.

In this space people tend to be knowledgeable about a certain topic, and have dedicated their lifelong learning to curating and creating more information and support for their topic of interest. The language in elevated space is one of knowledge, expert sharing and focus.

🎯Re-engineering Spaces

Re-Engineering Spaces is currently my mental health coaching life work. This space is the restorative and regenerating space. A space where people start to shed limiting beliefs and start creating and curating their own understanding of how to move from a space of survival to living. Re-Engineering Spaces are rooted in getting unstuck and moving away from crisis and trauma to success. We all have an opportunity to reverse engineer our lives, but the key is to understand the systems and how they effectively need to run for optimizing our human performance.

An article from the small business section in states Business Re-Engineering is the process of reviewing all the different levels of an organization's way of doing business and considering how to improve things and we will do well to see our lives in this same light. We must always seek to improve systems as we evolve in our humanity.

We do not own stagnant spaces, and in the reengineering space the language is deeply rooted in reviewing, learning and implementing.

🎯Soul Alignment Spaces

Oh can I tell you these are the best spaces to be in, But let me just say these spaces may not last forever with the same person. This space is dependent on where your soul is at the moment. I must mention that most people confuse soul alignment with trauma bonding.

Trauma Bonding is defined as a relationship that is reflective of an attachment created by repeated physical or emotional trauma with intermittent positive reinforcement, according to licensed psychologist Liz Powell, PsyD.

Trauma bonding can be an intense, feel good, safe feeling experience that is deeply rooted in misalignment and limited social needs.

Where as Soul Alignment is rooted in love, patience and celebration of a renewed spirit and aligned heart. In Soul Alignment Spaces there is hardly a discrepancy and it is cultivated in a way that individuals feel seen and heard without prior knowledge or judgement.

The language in Soul Alignment Spaces, is kind, committed and caring. In Soul Alignment Spaces, your heart, head and hands meet daily to express the gratitude that is given and accepted in every encounter you experience with them.

👀As we come to the end of learning more about spaces, I hope that you become more aware of the language you use to connote your growth. It is essential that each of us learn how to purposeful punctuate our growth opportunities in life.

Always Dr. Jay,

Ps. I’m curious what are the current spaces you are operating in?

Leave a comment and share which space resonates with you the most.

Feel free to share this blog post with anyone who may benefit from it.


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Great Blog Dr. Jay! You are such a vivid, meaningful, and soul-grabbing writer! I SURE do enjoy your work!


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