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Pillars of Self-Care

As we close up Self-Care July Series shortly I wanted to touch briefly on the Pillars of Self-Care (to be a separate series at a later date)..

According to the International Self-Care Foundation, (yes there is an actual association) There are 7 pillars of self-care.

1. Health literacy

2. Self-awareness and Mental Well-Being

3. Physical activity

4. Healthy eating

5. Risk avoidance

6. Good hygiene

7 .Rational use of products and services.

And I add my 8th Pillar, Rest, Recovery and Rejuvenation.

It is important to know all of these areas in order to effectively create a self-care plan.

What I’ve learnt along my journey as a mental health and wellness practitioner is most people are truly clueless when it comes to operating their minds and bodies, and we truly wait until we are overworked, in poor physical health, ridden with diseases to take care of self.

This trend is truly due to a lack of knowledge and lack of clear, consistent contextual examples to follow.

If you are 30 and now learning how to eat for performance for the first time you are behind the eight ball.

If you are heading for 40 and now being aware of how to manage your thoughts and emotions and learning how to regulate them with others, you are late to the self-care party.

But that’s okay, most of us are because we truly have not taken the time to simple put our selves first.

On a mission to change that. Thank you guys for joining me on this series.

Drop a comment and let me know if this series has helped you in any way.

Thank you @ecolifelodge for provide the 8th pillar infrastructure for me.

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