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Prioritising self-care

As many of you may know, July continues to be my self-care series and today this topic really screamed at me. This picture was taken on January 2020 in Mexico with 2 of my closest friends from college, between the 3 of us we have 6 degrees, 12 jobs concurrently, 8 children, all over the age of 12, 2 in college, 1 graduated from college, 4 in high school and 1 with severe chronic medical issues. Every 2 years we take a self care girls trip to focus on us. We plan it in advance as a group and commit to us whole heartedly, no excuses and absolutely no guilt.

So many times I see people want to get better at taking care of themselves but they allow work, career, family, children, media and other entities to distract them from their priority of self. Priorities shift often, but the most consistent priority that must show up in your day to day life experiences is your self-care. We schedule work instead of scheduling an 1hr for ourselves to audit how we are moving forward. We spend time socialising with friends instead of creating a moment to be intentional with self.

We say no to our personal commitment to ourselves just to say yes to others for fear it would make us less favourable in their eyes. Rearranging our priorities to put others first is one of the social and cultural myths of Self-care.

Mothers are taught to attend to the child first, feed them, bathe them, clothe them and only then can you take care of you. Our mothers can be our first practical application of self-care and sometimes this precedent gets us into trouble.

What ways has your mother influenced you to put others first and then deal with you?

Think about it in terms of your emotions, your actions and your beliefs.

Share in comments.

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