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Success with JAY webinar: Relationships & Technology

Technology is definitely here to stay, but let's face it, it can be so intrusive in our intimate, parenting and work relationships. To date we have not introduced any formal training in how to effectively use technology in our relationships, yet we continue to have unrealistic expectations with our partners, our children, our friends and the entire social media world.

Since the world wide shut down of Covid-19 we all now communicate more on online platforms and we definitely conduct more business and banking in cyber space. So this is a great time for us to begin having more robust conversations and setting up more effective ways of communication with the use of technology.

But what's the sense of talking about technology without having a partner to discuss it with. After all we are communicating mostly to other human beings and a program system built by them, so it is only fitting that I discuss some pressing issues and solutions with someone just as passionate as I am about this topic.

So join myself and Dwight Robinson (more about him when you meet him) as we discuss...

  1. How Technology affects our mental health

  2. Why setting initial boundaries about communicating online and your relationships is essential

  3. How you can create secure communication

  4. Why unplugging from all technology is necessary in your relationships

  5. How to navigate social media, instant messaging and need for instant gratification

You are definitely more than your likes, your repost, your blue ticks or your followers. Let's start truly looking at creating useful ways of engaging with technology to improve our simplistic way of life.

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