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Healing and Growth through Conversation and Education



Dr. Janelle Chase-Mayers is a Creative and Systemic Therapist, a master facilitator and a current PhD scholar. Janelle uses sociometry and experiential activities to engage her audience to create movement and change within their particular social spaces. She is committed to facilitating training and webinars in mental health and optimal performance for redefining Corporate Spaces, businesses and families. Janelle has worked as a leading therapist and facilitator for twelve years at the SAF Inc. and Therapeutic Alliance Wellness.


She is also a part-time Lecturer at the Barbados Community College and University of West Indies in the Social Work and Psychology divisions. Her teaching specialty is Group Dynamics and Group Interpersonal Relationships. Janelle is additionally a Wellness coach and manages her own Cross Fit gym training Elite Athletes and Seniors to optimize their performance. The emphasis on wellness is to help individuals to realize that their wellness impacts their productivity and performance.


She is also the owner of the Fit Chic Movement which focuses on the Integrated Wellness of Women throughout their developmental stages of life. Additionally, she leads the team at Therapeutic Alliance Training which provides workshop, seminars on personal development. She is the Chief Heart Operator of Grief Recovery Works and specializing in Corporate Grief Training.


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