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Are you the Chief Engineering Officer of YOU? Each and everyone of us is a CEO but are we taught how to take care of ourselves?

That question has been on my mind for a few years and as I navigated getting older, I quickly recognized that we really don't concentrate on taking care of self, we only learn how to chase tangible success.

So I decided to do something about it and here we are, after several trial and errors of my own life. WE'VE created SELF CARE OF THE CEO International Conference.

But first let me give you some background information of why I started this movement, which led to the Conference making an appearance. The conference is actually a brainstorming idea that came from a mentor and mentorship relationship with the co-founder of the Self-Care of the Ceo movement, 21 year old Barbadian Brand Strategist, Master Chef and Serial Entrepreneur Zahra McCaskie. As awesome as Z was in your pursuit to CEO status in her companies, she was heading to a fast decline of self, mind and body and thus we connected , where we devoted an entire year 2020 (was good to us) where we worked on providing balance through prioritizing her wellness, through body and mind training, and Z streamlining 4 of her business where she didn't need to be the face nor the operations of the business.

As Z did more research on how to take care of herself and we navigated our relationship it was only fair that we collaborated and thus here we are in the form of a conference and later to be a masterclass for CEO's all around the world.

Now CEO stands for Chief Engineering Officer of YOU! Our audience is anyone who wants to take control of their life and we want to help them understand that you don't need to wait until you hit 40 to do it and in fact you can learn from early up in the game. You must admit, too many of our entrepreneurs, mums, dads, managers, CEO's are burnt out, and not from working too hard, but simply from being uneducated or committed to personal well-being in their life.

We are so excited to be sharing this Conference with the World and hope to see each and everyone of you .

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